Mr. Essam A.K. AlMuhaidib


Welcome to Himmah Logistics, a company founded to provide timely, precise delivery solutions and one that values the importance of flexibility and agility to meet changing customer demands, as well as the continuous evolving opportunities of the market.

Besides our ability to lead change, bring efficiency and maintain competitiveness, whilst boosting economic advancement, we take enormous pride in our people. They are the pillars of our success, present and future.

We at Himmah are committed to the vital chain of trust that underpins all business enterprises and we hold close the enduring partnership we have built with our stakeholders and communities. We shall maintain those and in this way ensure we deliver on our promises.

Combined with our vision to pioneer sustainable growth, we are confident that the heritage and mindset on which our company was originally built will provide the strongest of foundations. At Himmah, above all, we embrace innovation, aim at ever greater efficiency and continually drive for improvement.


Dr. Eng. Abdulaziz Y. AlBabtain

Managing Director

Saudi is ideally located on major International shipping routes passing through the Red Sea, which opens up the markets of the Rest of the World.

Beside that Saudi Arabia is the biggest market in the region and energy hub of the world, all these are good factors to make Saudi Arabia regional lunch pad for goods and services.

The Supply Chain market in Saudi Arabia is still evolving and has great potential especially with the government’s recent vision which support and promote the country as a logical hub.

The market has limited professional logistics service providers and Himmah Logistics is well positioned to fill part of this gab.

We have a dual approach in serving the market, one is to develop state of the art facilities which can serve our needs and those of our customers. Our second main approach is to offer a comprehensive logistical solution which we are doing in partnership with global players with proven track record.

We are committed to provide quality facilities and services to meet the local needs of our global customers. We are focusing in sectors which require higher levels of service, especially Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, and Food. We believe e-commerce is growing fast in Saudi Arabia and we shall be one of the main service providers in this sector, by building central fulfillment centers and by developing our network all over the Kingdom to serve customer on time, especially focusing on the last mile.

We are looking forward to build strategic relation with our customers and be the 1st choice for global clients to meet their supply chain services in the region.