Dammam 2nd Industrial city Warehouse – Area 33,993 m2 – Being located in the heart of Modon 2nd Industrial City this facility has many advantages.

  • Proximity to a large customer base for the 3PL operators.
  • Quick access to the airport.
  • Convenient labour and staff accommodation is available in the City.

The forward thinking building regulations of MODON makes it very attractive for developments like we have.

These facilities are developed in accordance with international and SDFA standards and can serve the Pharmaceutical and Food industry. Approximately 18,000 pallets positions are temperature controlled at 18-22°C in one building while another 15,000 pallet positions are divided into 5 storage areas in the second building with individual temperature control possible from -25°C to +10°C. The project is expected to operational by mid 2018.