The company signed a contract with King Abdullah Economic City, to buy land in the third phase of the industrial valley. Himmah Logistics will establish and operate a number of specialized facilities and will provide logistics services for all sectors but with a main focus on Pharmaceuticals, Food and Omni Channel Logistics. It is expected that the storage and distribution facilities will be operational by 2018.

On the occasion of signing the contract, Mr Fahd Al-Rasheed, Managing Director and CEO of KAEC, welcomed the admission of the company to the list of investors in the industrial valley, and explained:

‘Economic City is moving forward towards the implementation of its strategy and its expansion plans to attract local and international investments. Stressing that it will be a new business hub for local and global markets, and because of its economic elements and sophisticated social facilities make it a favorite place for investment and housing.

Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Yousef Al-Babtain, the Managing Director of Himmah logistics, was delighted to join the company to the list of investors in the King Abdullah Economic City, he said: “This partnership coincided with continuing requirements to expand our investments in the city’s economic growth, and we are confident that the company is able to provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Pointing out that the Industrial Valley is the place to invest, due to his high flexibility and professionalism in meeting the investor to facilitate the procedures and requirements, it also represents a strategic gateway via the port of King Abdullah, which provides access to overseas markets.” He added: “Our economic commitment to be present in the city is in order to be close to our global customers and manufacturers. King Abdullah Economic City, contributes to the integration of logistics network required to connect our clients, as well as other strategic locations near the Saudi ports, airports and industrial zones”.